Transilvania Lab

The Cloakroom

The emperor's new clothes

The fable by H. C. Andersen tells of a king who had a costly dress made for the annual parade by two foreign tailors. Unexpectedly, he learned it was invisible to ill rulers and stupid people just before looking in the mirror, his body undressed. But the gasps of admiration from others made him pretend he loved it. The parade was ending, cheers and praise galore, no one willing to admit they saw nothing until a small child’s voice asked: Why is the emperor naked?

The emperor's new Web3 effect

A highly recommended expert/agency approaches a company with a Web3 project to enter the space. The time is right; the brands are there, the proposal looks excellent, and the Web3 education of the company is bound by its scope and to the project manager and owner.
You wear the Web3 adopter cape you pretend to see like everyone else, although no one can explain the project in their own words, but hey, that’s what experts are for, right?

The project launches and little happens but spending; the agent disses people’s blindness and praises the firm’s foresight. Later, the cape vanishes, and they realize no one complained while they believed others did see it.

We've got you covered

We will dress you so you never walk around naked. Our options let you get your outfit straight from the rack and cover the range up to order to measure, wherever your needs and our prices agree.