Transilvania Lab

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We are into results.

We are into results.
Into innovation that yields measurable return and revenue.
Into equating brand relevance to commitment in human progress.
Into boldness and trust derived from a firm’s solid foundation, not a whim.
Into expanding the company’s scope as the tree’ rooted in its soil crown.
Into heeding any opportunity that blooms and thrives towards a goal.
We are not into gardening. Not professionally.
We are into growing, into planting, into cultivating the seeds that will sprout a habitat for everyone.

Hands On

Our approach is unique in its pragmatism: we don’t take brands or people into the Web3 space, but rather the opposite. We open the gates, so the developments and solutions find in real life the purpose they lack in isolation.

Not all technology requires mainstream adoption, and if it does the only way to achieve it is to deliver services and products so fitting that anyone gets them, and as easy to use as possible.

When the learning curve morphs from obstacle to entry, the benefits outweigh the hurdles, and we all dive into the novelty without dedicating a single thought to coding, protocols or engineering.

Good Tech Is Invisible Tech

¿Do we ever think about a dishwasher, a Tv, a laptop, a speaker, a remote, a printer, a dating app, a smartphone, a fridge, a social media network, or a calculator?

Hardly. There is no need; we all know how to use them and what to expect.

Our job is not new. The tech is, but it’s doomed to vanish as its outcomes become evident, enticing, useful, fun, convenient, whatever they are.

We are ready to go. Partner with us and discover possibilities, experiences, products, contents, and formats, and lead the way safely by our side, making sure the numbers are good and the potential extremely exciting.

We’ve had to remove a great deal of furniture to turn the Drawing Room’s social use into a single lodging for Web3 Advisory. Here, at the bottom of the chamber, is The Cloakroom, a wooden walled walk-in closet where we store all our coats, and there’s hardly space to hang our guests’ own. In the Drawing Room, we were in public: entertaining guests, mingling, chatting, and dancing happened in plain sight until introduced to the haven provided by two armchairs, a couch and some coffee tables in the far-right corner. We called it the blind spot or the secrets angle, where we snuck to exchange privately whatever a few seconds allowed without being noticed. It’s the only area we could not bring ourselves to clear. We keep in there odds and ends; they may change from time to time.