Transilvania Lab

A place where digital becomes tangible and physical can dematerialize

Transilvania LAB

Think of a transparent layer on everything around us, an invisible coat we can ignore or interact with.

Forget for a minute about the metaverses, the bulky goggles, the crypto jargon, the scary AI chatbots, and the NFT bubble that burst and cemented the bad reputation of blockchain and other emerging technologies.

Imagine a seamless surface that doesn’t interfere with your real-life perception but allows enhancing it anytime, anywhere, on your terms, for your benefit. It reacts to your actions.

It won’t collect any data; you decide what to share and with whom, if at all.

You are no longer a traced profile and as unpredictable as it gets.

Will regain a good portion of your decision-making ability.

You’ll be able to wander off the schedule of interests, preferences and uses the algorithms have been tailoring to your habits for years, alienating you from everything else.

Your attention will be more valued, your loyalty treasured, and your participation compensated.

This is the ideal: more power to the people, relevant and unmediated connections with humans, brands, creators, identities, contents, interests, and any option and presence available.

What your imagination just showed you doesn’t exist. Yet. But the tools to create it are there, waiting for us to put them to work and yield results that will make them invisible, the means to better our lives.