Transilvania Lab

Welcome to our castle!
Fate has brought us together


A quick tour of the room before proceeding on your own?

See our Web3 Advisory, where the old Drawing Room was. It is the first time we’ve had to design a service by popular demand. Well, that may be an overstatement, but clients’ requests made us acutely aware of its need. We hope to get used soon to its visibility in the Hall.

The Cellar is where we spend most of the time; do not hesitate to drop by and learn what we do there for our clients.

In the Cellar is the door to the Crypt. Direct access through the Hall was forsaken due to security reasons. The visit is optional but recommended; you don’t know Transylvanians until you know their lair.

Notice that you need to be inside to Knock. Do it, and we will suddenly manifest ourselves to you as soon as possible. In a good way, of course.