Transilvania Lab

Why Transilvania LAB?

Because we feel it represents who we are and what we do precisely. Transylvania is a land of legends, castles, forests, and such extraordinary storytellers that their voices still echo in today’s tales.

This page is not about business. It’s about our passion and how we became Transylvanians.

All over the world, gathered at nighttime, unrelated cultures shared the whisper of a bloodthirsty monster that struck in the dark. Later, the living became scarier than the spooks. New narratives buried and hid the early folktales, but they were hardwired in people and couldn’t be erased.

When word of the atrocities of King Vlad Draculea from Transylvania got out, the chronicle was so monstrous that the forgotten legends and critters of olden times resurfaced from our depths, personified in a mortal they incorporated.

Transylvanian storytellers resorted to the dreaded demons of ancestral origin to depict the abhorrent facts from the bottom of human depravity where the vicious ruler was installed. It turned out that infusing some life -pints of blood, really- in a cold narrative resurrected it. This is how the new mythology came to be, weaving history and superstition. The medieval belief that vampires caused and disseminated plagues propelled it in all directions and several countries away.

Two hundred years ago, with Vlad Tepes dead twice that time, his legend was alive to the point of inspiring some writers to tackle it as fiction. The public devoured the stories, and they became a genre, a whole universe of characters and narratives developed in every media available to creators up to this day. Western pop culture completed the task that Romanian jesters and comedians, bards and minstrels, sages and witches kicked off. In every continent, culture, society and community we’ve visited in the last decade, including remote parts of the world, we asked who knew what a vampire was and who didn’t. In all these years, we only found three people, by looking hard, unable to reply.

But why? Why did you choose vampires instead of ghouls, werewolves, trolls, ghosts, ogres, or bogeymen?

Because vampires, unlike other evil beings who remained brute and stagnant, had their narrative merge with history. Adding the most inhumane people to their tale (Vlad Draculae, Countess Elizabeth Báthory, Gilles Rais…) forced them
to evolve from beasts to knowledgeable identities. By humanizing them, they could adapt to their time in history, and since they are immortal and their curse eternal, their existence runs along ours. Fiction also challenged their evil origin by turning most of them from humans into vampires.

They are our dark twin, the irresistible allure of recognition and the fear of imagining ourselves in their skin: foul and damned, sinners forever, excluded from redemption. A decadent society of sorts, they are a species as fascinating as diverse, from the dandy to the punk rocker by way of the temptress and the night vigilante.

At Transilvania LAB, we want anyone we come across to remember us.

Though we don’t advertise and have a fixed quota of clients at a time, our firm’s brand is our presentation to any referral, states our values, speaks to our prospective clients, and must make our partners, if they show it to anyone, proud.
Identity is not set in stone. It is as much what we’d like to convey as what others interpret. Our brand evokes effortlessly charismatic characters, narratives, aesthetics and sensations from the get-go. To many, issuing a strong and clear message from a readable context is excellent branding, but it’s not enough. They do not know how it’s processed on the other end.

Our name is also a trigger to shoot us the question: Why Transilvania LAB?

We give one reason and ask for feedback, and trade our pitch for a conversation where one party shares what they perceive and the other what they mean to say, and it’s always exciting and insightful, plus we get to talk about movies, books, music, art, opera, etc…

And it works: we get feedback and learn from their impressions while allowed to elaborate our message, and the silver lining is we become memorable; whomever we talk to might not remember our names, but they sure do remember we are Transylvanians.

Identity is a dialogue to ensure that the core concepts are easy to grasp.
One quick tour through our website should be enough for anyone to gather, without further detail, that we are an unconventional firm, experienced, discreet, branding, storytelling and identity focused, culturally driven, creative, and forcibly results-oriented and efficient to have made it this far…

Still want to know why we are Transylvanians?

Because we know how to look for stories people recognize naturally and relate to rather than create new ones they’d have to learn.
We put age before beauty. We’ve been pronounced dead and survived.
We’ve led several lives in half a lifetime.
We seldom employ young people, but if we do, they sure are amazing.
We value time over wealth, so we won’t waste ours or yours.
We’ve held C-Level positions in big corporations. We know to pitch a rigid Board.
We don’t dress our age, and we don’t act how our elders expected us to.
We need to find new interests to feel alive.
We embrace change when it improves, seek sustainable progress, and question disruption when gratuitous.
We are past vanity, credit, showing off, and outsmarting anyone. The more we work, the more we learn, and the more we appreciate the connection.

If you got here, you might be a Transylvanian too, or unemployed. Joking.
Don’t you think our brand suits us?