Transilvania Lab

Research. Connect. Build.

Transilvania LAB is an invisible partner to eye-catching companies, a silent accomplice to those that are listened to. We are privy to their past and gather data, history, products, experience and growth. We capture the present, its context, market, strategies, challenges and culture and formulate a future: ambitions, innovations, goals and plans. We craft their biography, identity, and distinct and actionable personality with these.

These brands do not want a following but a community. They behave as humans, highlighting the features that appeal to others to connect through shared interests.

Our clients expect confidentiality, and we oblige: Transylvanians revere secrecy.

And that is why this site is so full of words and void of examples.

A taste of the brands we work with

Entertainment. Technology. Culture.

These three words define the core of our practice.

You can translate them as content, innovation, knowledge, progress, ideas, evasion, play, experience, and discovery. You may also call them movies, music, novels, AR, tv series, video games, photography, fashion, festivals, art, fine dining
or cooking, memes, theater, VR, design, poetry, wine tasting, traveling, etc.

They all mean the same: what we love to do in our precious free time, the raw materials that, layer after layer, shape society’s collective identity and visible persona.

We bring brands to life

Our scope of work is brand identity with a unique plus: we also develop the brand’s personality and enable it to act rather than react. It encompasses all aspects of defining a firm’s most alluring yet authentic identity and designing its coherent behavior.
Research, assess, substantiate, analyze, interview, benchmark, extract, test, synthesize, focus, target, strategize, edit, plan and follow up are essential in our craft. They support our creative delivery and provide the brand with a sturdy and safe foundation to build on, akin to a healthy childhood for humans.

Personality runs in the blood

Our proprietary methodology, BioBranding, reveals the outstanding individual traits, trials and feats and the acquired or retained values, attributes and habits that produced the brand’s particular identity.

At this point, where most consider the brand set, we put it in motion by developing its personality, where the self becomes action. The method turns specificities into behavior, and social cues into speech and stance, enabling the brand to act rather than react and to connect with people organically and naturally.

Our territory

We operate in the narrow space between the C-Level and the executive management. Our deliverables set guidelines, design roadmaps, and plan the firms’ marketing, branding, content or communication strategies. Clients decide the scope and depth they want from us, and we work close enough for them to be in the loop without us getting in their hair.
When our job is done to the client’s required extent and satisfaction, the primary workflow follows the deliverables, handed over for implementation and production through in-house teams or external agencies, and our role changes. We take a parallel path along the brand’s chartered route, where we stay for the duration of the deployment to monitor its performance, standing by to correct or focus goals, targets, and tactics if needed.

The client’s turfs

We specialize in our craft across industries other than entertainment, culture, and technology.

We have clients in the motor industry, luxury retail and department stores, public administrations & agencies, media corporations, wines & spirits companies, colleges, universities and higher education centers, tobacco manufacturers, advertising & marketing agencies, streaming platforms, lifestyle brands, e-commerce platforms, fast food companies…

We collaborate with most industries in Web3 except for Defi and Cryptocurrencies. Current clients include Museums and NFT art projects, Cooperatives, DAOs, and platforms from the gaming, Film3, music, and entertainment sectors.

We also work with a few high-profile individuals.

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